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Secrets of the Fish... I like Goldfrapp and this is one of my favourite songs, so I was really pleased to find that a talented simmer had turned it into a sims2 video.

Really good fun, though the youtube quality of the video is not that good. The hi-definition version is well worth the download Smile

#2 04-07-2011
Fantastic video! Really well done and an excellent showcase of some major talent. Thanks for sharing! Big Grin

#3 04-07-2011
Well, people here know by now what I think of noise, so I won't go into that again Smile

The video is quite good, though... Must have been quite a bit of work to sync all those sims Undecided I would not have been able to do that! Thanks for sharing, Lee Heart

#4 04-07-2011
Wow! That's one impressive video! Never heard the song before; not quite my kind of music, but it grew on me. Smile

Show of hands, everybody who spotted the Star Trek shuttle right at the beginning? Wink * Nix raises her hand

#5 04-07-2011
Yea, its cool. Gives it that futuristic look. Now all go find me some more vids. It looks sad here. Are being loaded from youtube so it aint my bandwidth Smile

#6 04-07-2011
*Raises hand* I say the star trek shuttle at the beginning as well!

I have heard of that song before I like it! Big Grin

#7 05-07-2011
My hand is up, I saw it, love the song and blown away by the video. WOW!


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