I loved that old "9 ways to Kill a Sim" video for TS2 and here is one for all you TS3ers (and the non-TS3ers who would NEVER, no NEVER, harm a TS3 sim........ Tongue )

#2 05-07-2011
I only ever caused harm to my Sims when I was going through stuff and was in a weird mood. I never ever saved though so it's like it never happened. When they die through no fault of my own and I come to accept it I let them go and I save.

Thanks for the montage! Big Grin

#3 05-07-2011
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Leeeee! I can see the video on mah phone! You didn't tell me to switch back to regular site view Tongue

#4 05-07-2011
Those poor Simmies! * Nix cackles evilly

I must admit I've created a Sim or two specifically for killing, but that was before I found that bush that allows things to remain behind when the family moves out; I'd move in the to-be-killed Sim, have move the family out, and then kill off the remaining Sim. Smile And I have tried the Death Creator cheat, because really, how often do your Sims get hit by falling satellites otherwise? Wink Didn't save, though.


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