CSS3 Validation
#1 06-07-2011 
I have been working away on the HTML and css here on leefish - if those are correct then the page has a better chance of loading. I did use tables in the layouts because it would be a HORROR to de-tableify the whole site, but they are nice tables Smile The only really heavy duty OMG tables is on the downloads display pages.

Anyway, I got the HTML to validate across 99% of pages. Pretty good.

Next up was the css - I have removed all the vendor-specific stuff - most folks are on FF5 or another CSS3 compliant browser by now, and the vendor specific tags were not aimed at IE6/7 users.

So, Bluefish validates 100% at css level 3 Smile So I put my css tag all proud at the bottom - and GASP. When I clicked it it came up as invalid - was checking against CSS2.1. Grr.

Typically if you want to dynamically link to a W3C Valid CSS page, we use this link:

http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer - but that links to the default CSS 2.1. We want it to link to the CSS3. But how?

Here is how: if you validate your CSS to CSS3 then put this in the referrer url :


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