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sims3 #1
I stumbled upon this bra while rehearsing for my latest video tutorial and decided to use it in my tutorial. I never noticed it in game, but it's a really awesome bra to have! Thanks EA...sorta...

The only bad thing about it, was that it was for elders only. So, to fix that, I converted it for teens and adults, too!

[Image: thumb640x480]

Seriously, this is probably one of my favorite pieces that EA has made. The design is so simple, yet so elegant. Plus, it looks better on sims with larger breasts. I mean, those little flimsy bras with the ruffles and what not are cute, but tend to look distorted on bigger boobs.

[Image: thumb640x480]

The textures on for the conversions all pull from the original elder bra, except for the base textures. I had to darken the adult's base texture to get it to CAST normal. And, with the teen version, I had to rescale it a bit to fit their frame.

Like the originals, it has one recolorable channel and is found in sleepwear only. The adult version is available for maternity, too.

About the Files:
The teen and adult bras are packaged separately. And also, there is a COMBINED version with both teen and elder bras in ONE package. So, be careful not to install both.

Additional Credits:
All sims' hairs are from EA or the EA Store, except for the brunette teen.

Her hair is hair 25 from XM Sims.
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#2 11-07-2011
Its amazing the things you find. Maybe EA wanted to save this for elders as there was so little else for them?

#3 09-08-2011
  • Naiyasfury
You stated that this was available for maternity. Just curious if it has an actual pregnancy morph mesh or not. ~Thanks Big Grin

#4 11-08-2011
You are right, Dal. This is a very realistic support device. Glad you made it available for other ages. Good job.


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