• The Sims 2: Pocket Full of Sunshine Official Video
  • Added by: XanderGC

What is really funny is I like the Simlish version of this song better than the original. I would also like to say that despite improved graphics and facial animations in the Sims 3, the Sims 2 can still and should be used to make impressive videos. Music videos are always nice. Big Grin

#2 11-07-2011
I really like these EA vids - it shows what can be done with the Sims2 engine.

As a side note, my GF B now knows all the words to Hot and Cold - but only in Simlish. Poor thing :/

#3 12-07-2011
Yeah it's rather catchy in Simlish though lol. My friends must think I'm crazy lol.

#4 12-07-2011
Oh that was so much fun! Thanks, Shane for bringing back so those who missed it can enjoy. Hugs!Wink


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