• The Sims 2: Smile Official Music Video
  • Added by: XanderGC

Before the Sims 2 I never heard of Katy Perry or Lily Allen for that matter so I guess it probably was wise for EA to add existing popular music into their game in Simlish versions to expose more people to the current music. Oh Seasons how I love thee so. Big Grin

#2 12-07-2011
I think it's great that all these artists agreed to make Simlish versions of their songs. Definitely a good PR move on their behalf, if you ask me. Smile

Is it horrible of me to want the guy to be hit by a satellite when they're stargazing? Wink

#3 12-07-2011
No it is not horrible I would like to see it happen at least once in my game without resorting to cheats. Of course it would have to happen to one I'm not all that attached to yet lol.

#4 12-07-2011
It happened to my sim. Was my first proper sim. Was KILLED. Sad


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