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Yea, I know, a similar mod already exists. But I also know that that mod is only available from an adult-rated site (Sexysims 2), and that it's not very smart, as it waits for the Naked Emitter to be created and then tells it to self-destruct!

So here's another take on that: with my mod, the Naked Emitter (that what makes sims be shocked at the presence of a naked sim) will not even be created, so there *is* nothing to destroy. No more sims screeching at their spouse being naked after sex. Because how stupid is THAT, huh?
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#5 18-12-2011
leefish;7182 Wrote:Thanks BO, I must admit I am not a fan of adult rated sites, so its nice to have this alternative version.
Ditto. Too much temptation. Wink

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I usually don't even *register* at such sites... with BAS being the exception, because I've needed to go there a few times. Chris Hatch is too well known to be ignored. But even though I'm registered there, I don't use any of the mods available there. If I ever become *that* needy, it's time to end my misery... Tongue

Krysee;9845 Wrote:Seen your posts around on other sites, and I know you know your stuff, so I implicitly trust this is going to work before I even try it. So thanks for fixing my game. Big Grin

I'm glad I could help, Krysee. Enjoy your game! Tongue

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Thank you BO dear!

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My pleasure, Fire Heart


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