Um. Leefish is making me post this as she is proud of the mesh but is embarrassed as its a urinal. Apparently she has never seen a real urinal - only on TV.

Urinal Screenshot Urinal Screenshot          
#2 14-07-2011
blasted socks getting a mind of their own. Um well, that's an old mesh - new one has a drain and a better urinal freshener thing and a trim thing on the front to prevent wet feet.

The creator has been having a lot of trouble with this - apparently urinals dont recolour. Nor do they have a real dirty state as they were made to go on community lots only - and base game community lots reset. OWNED ones don't reset - so as of OFB - but it seems maxis missed updating the urinals on OFB.

* leefish cuffs trout for putting a GENTS TOILET on the front page......

#3 14-07-2011
Well if it makes Lee feel any less embarrassed at least she didn't request it lol. I requested it lol. If it cannot be done so be it at least Lee gave it her all especially with how busy she has been on the site and learning php and all. Big Grin

#4 14-07-2011
Trout, please tell Lee that I've never seen a urinal, either. (Why would I - I'm a girl!) But I really like the mesh!

Argh for sloppy Maxis work making things that much harder for creators. Sad (And now I'm wondering what would happen if you cloned a toilet and then edited the socks off its BHAVs, or just swapped them with the urinal BHAVs... I'm going to have to check that - just to try to satisfy my own, insatiable curiosity, of course. Smile )


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