These pictures are "outtakes" from one of my stories; they were supposed to be part of a flashback, but when the time came to compile the story, I realised I didn't really need that particular scene. Too bad I didn't realise that before I set up the screenshots. Tongue

We are in Yelena's - the younger Sim's - quarters. What can I say, housekeeping isn't one of her stronger points. Wink I honestly don't quite remember why Irina is visiting or what they are discussing, but they obviously aren't agreeing - they seldom do at this point in time. Their relationship will get better in a few years, though, when Yelena has a daughter of her own that Irina pampers mercilessly. Smile

Outtakes Screenshot Outtakes Screenshot Outtakes Screenshot        
#2 17-07-2011
These are great pics, its a shame they didn't make it into the story. Given the amount of time usually needed for setting up screenshots like that I think I would have squashed them in anyway Smile

So how do you do the stories? First a rough plot outline, then pics then story?

Though as for leaving them out, I think a famous writer once said that the key to editing was to "kill your darlings" - meaning that even if YOU think its an awesome pic, great piece of description etc, if it doesn't fit the final shape of the story then kick it out.

#3 18-07-2011
Stories just like making movies is hard lol. How do you know what to cut out how do you know how long something should go on for, angles, lighting, setting etc. It takes a lot of work lol.

I've been debating whether or not to make another Sims music video as I have a few ideas but they do require a lot of work and I already have a lot on my plate.

Great pixs as usual Nix!

#4 19-07-2011
Thank you both! Smile

@Lee, "kill your darlings" was exactly what this was about. I really liked the scene (and the screenies), but when I was doing the very last editing of the story I realised that it 1) didn't really fit with the main thread of the story and 2) was a bit redundant. So out it went. (Otherwise, it was supposed to have been a flashback in "Requested and Required".)

As to how I do the stories, it depends on what kind of a story it is. If it's a non-flashback story, like "Catharsis", then I usually do the screenshots in the final editing stages, when the story basically is written but there still might be some details to hammer out, like how to best connect two scenes (more often than not, the screenshots actually help me with that). But if it's a flashback story, like "Requested...", then the flashbacks might be finished, screenshots and all, well before the frame work story is. I will have a rough draft so I know where the story is going to start and where it's going to end (since I'll want the flashbacks to be part of the progression of the story, and not just random "this is what happened then" scenes) and have a basic idea of what'll happen in the middle, but sometimes, that's all I have when I start on the flashback screenshots.

@Xander, thanks! Yep, it's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun, too, at least in my book. Smile But yeah, sometimes it's hard to know what to keep and what ought to go, especially if it's a scene I really like.

I think it would be great if you'd do another Sim video! Big Grin But I also completely understand about having a lot to do and not enough time to do it. Real Life does have to take precedence over simming - even if I sometimes wish it could be the other way around. Wink


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