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#1 27-03-2010 
Gosh, its hard being a one fish forum. I have to keep the site updated, do the content, keep up with new downloads being available.

Take last week - I was busy on another site, busy at work - result: poor Leefish got horribly neglected.....

Anyway, as a result of making a request for someone for TS2 I now have a new window up, but I think I need some help here.

Volunteers sought.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#2 08-04-2010 
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Out of curiosity..what exactly would you want your volunteers to do?

Oops..since I'm not registered I'm a This guest = Mustluvcatz.

#3 08-04-2010 
Hallo, well, it depends. What do you know how to do? What woul dyou LIKE to do? Interests etc? I need some support on keeping the actual forum information new (book shelf/simspics etc). Creations - gah - I can do maybe one a week, so I need a bit of help there. I also need to do some coding work to make the upload process a bit sharper.

Lots to do

The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#4 12-04-2010 
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*waves* I am not an expert with websites, but I learn pretty fast. I can also do artwork. Anything you want. Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option