I haven't posted anything in a while but I am still into the Sims 2 I just haven't A) Played recently and B) have collapsed underneath a crazy amount of other projects I have put on myself. Damn creative mind lol.

Normally when I post pics to the Leefish Network I try to have a theme that unites all of them but this time I just couldn't find enough pics that are based on the same theme. So you get random moments in my Sims lives, enjoy! Big Grin

Random Moments Screenshot Random Moments Screenshot Random Moments Screenshot Random Moments Screenshot      
#2 20-07-2011
Its the last pic that kills me. "Proud father" my foot. Its more like OMG why are my kids geeks.....

#3 20-07-2011
Thank you Lee for awhile there I thought I had lost my gift to post pictures people wanted to comment on lol.

The last picture is my favorite too and it's quite funny that both him and his wife are totally fitness buffs (they both have max fitness enthusiasm) and his children both suck at sports even though the their son is pre-destined to be drawn to fitness. Yes I know that sports and fitness are two separate things lol. He just got off work and he decided to go and watch his children play basketball. He was not impressed lol.

On a side note I never understood before why people wanted a "no pause lines" mod in their game until I looked at these pictures. Now I only wish they were larger images instead of the paltry sizes the game allows.

#4 20-07-2011
lol - no - pics were good, I just have to keep turning my PC off every hour or so as oldie overheats.

Why not use a program like Fraps for the screen caps? That way you can get HE-UUUGE pics.


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