Fail Fish
#1 28-03-2010 
Yes well, I am indeed a fish of fail. I was getting a bit sad that though people joined up as members nobody ever posted.

No thank yous, no comments, not even you suck...... I was sad (well not about the no you suck, but about no comments).

Then my good friend Flaba joined and asked me how he should post his thank yous etc. So I said "Duh, in the reply box - the one with leave comment here."

There was no reply box. I had turned it off when I set up the default profile. Whoops.Blush. So I turned it back ON and enabled replies for all users - and well, if I still get no posts at least I know its not because my poor users CAN'T post.

[Image: star.png] Lee
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Sorry, that is a members only option