I requested the item so now this is my Sims using the item. Interesting seeing them using it. Noticed a few things too like if my Sims didn't know a Sim very well he seemed to move away even though he was already at a urinal, I brought his bladder down using a cheat and he moved away to the furthest one. Another time two Sims who knew each other both started at each other after they were done, then again they may have been looking at the one in the center as he was still using it. Either way it's awesome to have a new urinal for my Sims to use. Perfect for seedy restrooms, posh restaurants and plumbing stores!

Thank you Lee and Fanseelamb!!! Big Grin

Urinal Nation Screenshot Urinal Nation Screenshot Urinal Nation Screenshot Urinal Nation Screenshot      
#2 21-07-2011
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Very cool! (Urinals don't usually have dividers, do they?)

#3 21-07-2011
Depends on what kind of place it is. Most dont but some do

#4 21-07-2011
yea, I saw the dividers and thought "OH. That must be what real urinals look like." I mean I just made it up, and in the sims community lots there are no dividers - so I did them without as well.


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