Worst vacation ever!Angry

Well it really was the worst vacation experience I've had while playing the game and is probably the reason why I don't send my Sims on vacation. In actuality the only reason I have Bon Voyage installed is for the extra items and digital camera. I digress though so let me walk you through how they even wound up on vacation in the first place and what they experienced.

Alright so their two children have graduated college, gotten married and had children so in my rules for the Sims 2 I make it when Sims' children have grown up and have had their own kids I make the original parents enter their last stage of life and become elders. Before that though I try to fulfill on last big want and lucky me they both rolled the want to go on vacation so I decided to let them and sent them to the beach.

Of course before I could do that I had to leave a babysitter with the dog because you can't leave a grown up dog all by himself when time doesn't pass. Sigh.

Let's see so it rained the minute I got to the beach, we checked in and we got the biggest room. I made the Jake go swimming and Jenny had already begun to comb for seashells, of course she got bit by the crab. Later on in the evening after many roasted marshmellows I realized that they'll survive until the morning so I sent them to bed. Vacation Woohoo and skip to the next morning.

I ordered a meal for them and it seemed to take forever to bring it to the Sims but that is ok they didn't die. It must have been bright and sunny that day because everyone did that "shield my eyes from the sun" animation even if they were holding something. Later on in the day I realized that the room was getting really messy with dirty dishes everywhere and the husband also plugged up the toilet (must have been the chili) so I waited for one of the hotel staff to come. Nothing no one came. Maybe they needed more time so it was then that I sent them to the beach and they built a sand castle together. Then they went for a swim followed by some sun bathing. I zoomed over to the front desk and there the two idiots were just standing and performing various idles. Got back to the room and between the flies and dirty plates, the clogged up toilet and the unmade bed I was just fed up. I ordered another meal and then I checked out. My 3 day vacation was over in just slightly over 2 days and I sent them home.

Got some nice pictures out of it but the experience made me hate the idea of sending any more of my Sims on vaykay. Undecided

Vacation Screenshot Vacation Screenshot Vacation Screenshot Vacation Screenshot      
#2 25-07-2011
I just love the pissed off "why am I here" look on Jake's face whilst Jenny tries to make light of the fact that she has chili welded to her hand Rofl

SO true to life (not the chili weld - the grumpy hubby). I guess it was early and that is why he looks so grumpy Smile

#3 25-07-2011
Oh yeah totally it's like, "I took time off for this?" "I spent hard earned money for this?" Big Grin

#4 25-07-2011
The hotel experience isn't really much different from restaurants in general: you wait hours to be served on, even while the personel is hardly ever doing anything worth paying them for.

The cheaper hotels are much easier to endure: they don't have a restaurant; you just order room service. They bring the crap to your room, you eat, and then clean up your own mess. I don't mind making my sims clean up their own room., because in every family there's usually at least one neat-freak who's just WAITING for such a fun activity.


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