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I'm always amazed how a hairstyle can look that much different without even touching the mesh file and really only using Bodyshop and a graphics program. My latest hairstyle alteration comes in the form of that shaggy flip hairstyle with bangs that is bundled with the original game.

Here is what I did:
  • Altered the sides and swept the bangs to the side.
  • Altered the texture file to match the style as best as I could.
  • Tried to recreate the original maxis colours as best as I could.
  • Made it available to Teens - Elders
  • Binned all four colours for easy access
  • Compressorized for optimum loading time
  • Had a lot of fun and hopefully learned a thing or two in the process. Big Grin

*Exclamation Feel free to retexture or alter it in anyway, we're a community we share stuff. You can give me credit for my contribution but it isn't necessary. Just don't upload it to paysites because that isn't fun at all.*
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All my stuff if free to use and to enjoy just never,ever,EVER upload it to a paysite. Why make poor unsuspecting people pay for stuff like this? You are also free to change, edit or otherwise modify stuff I upload as long as you credit me we are 5x5. :D

Also if you got it from Leefish please link back to that site so more people can discover the awesome. That is all. :D

Willow Flip Hairstyle Screenshot Willow Flip Hairstyle Screenshot          
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#13 04-09-2011
You know I started using that as well lately, because it takes me there in a FLASH. I love it!


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