Cmo recently uploaded an awesome bookcase for TS3. Its looking pretty popular - it has top spot on our "Whats Hot" list on the front page, but a few people were sad that it was for TS3.

So I fired up lappy (OMG I could hear it groan) and put Cmo's mesh into my IKEA shelves framework and then moved the slots about in the cres. Result: one TS2 bookcase. Only one subset though. Sorry 'bout that.

Fret No More Screenshot Fret No More Screenshot          
#2 26-07-2011
* Nix pets the beautiful bookshelf

Bookshelves with lotsa slots make me a v. happy Nix. And it makes me even happier when they are for TS2! Smile

#3 26-07-2011
XanderGC is also a happy camper when bookshelves have lots of slots, even better when I can use the bookshelf with the Sims 2! Big Grin

#4 26-07-2011
* BoilingOil is a happy camper, period!

Even happier, though, with my (Lee's) 15 slots TS2 version of this beautiful bookcase. So it be only one subset... so there be no separate recolors for frame and shelves. So who cares! Be beautiful book case anyways... As me said:

* BoilingOil is a happy camper, period!


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