Like I mentioned before I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to the Sims so naturally I would have to create my own empty neighborhood for my families to grow up in. I have tried to play the base game neighborhoods that came with the game but I always ended up deleting almost all of them. I did keep the houses though once the game allowed for a copy to remain in the Lots and Houses Bin.

This is my current neighborhood that I have dubbed "Sim Springs" I have a dedicated area for Community Lots and I also have another area I like to call "Snob Hill" Can you tell which neighborhood template my town takes place in?

Happy Monday all! Big Grin

Sim Springs Screenshot Sim Springs Screenshot          
#2 01-08-2011
Ok, I admit it _ I am fail at identifying Sim Hoods. It does look really cool though and I like the elevated areas - looks less flat and boring.

I REALLY need to get out of this AGS mini hood rut Tongue

#3 01-08-2011
NOM!! Bluewater!
* levini loves that hood terrain

#4 01-08-2011
Levini got it! It is Bluewater Village from Open For Business and it is by far and large my fave template ever!


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