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I recently ran into Gnohmon's mod named "StayLate", and thought that was a good idea. Until I sent one of my sims to a Secret Hobby Lot in the middle of the night, that is! Because once my sim arrived, everyone else immediately left, INCLUDING the Hobby Leader!

So, that was not so marvellous! Therefor, I set out to make my own take on this mod, and here it is: BO - Stay Late!

Dates and Outings are not influenced by this mod, nor are comm lots in general and Hobby lots in particular.

On residential lots, however, things are considerably different from the default, as this mod allows non-residents to stay longer, according to the following very simple rules (in order of descending priority):
  1. Vampires will stay around until 5 AM. Then they split in order to be home before dawn.
  2. Townie Children who have NOT been invited to sleep-over, leave after 8 PM.
  3. Playable children who have NOT been invited to sleep over, will be picked up by their parents as usual. If the parent(s) came *with* the children, the whole family leaves, unless they've all been invited to stay. (*)
  4. Anyone else who has NOT been invited to stay the night, leaves when all residents are asleep.
  5. Anyone who HAS been invited to stay the night or to sleep-over, will ONLY leave if they're in motive distress and can NOT resolve it as guests on the current lot.

(*) Point 3 was added due to a report by deerparker, to whom I grateful for letting me know of their findings.

If there's a home business, and the shop is currently open, teens and older visitors may stay or go as they please.

Requires NightLife or better. This mod really is NO GOOD with BaseGame or Uni only.
Of course, this mod conflicts with Gnohmon's mod... you need only one! If this conflicts with something else, please let me know!

Obviously, this conflicts with TwoJeffs' Visitor Controller. It has been said that users of the VC don't NEED this mod. But if you *do* want them both, my mod should load last, or it won't work at all.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#5 03-09-2011
Yeah, I know about the conflict. It's not surprising, because from what I heard, when you have the Visitor Controller, you wouldn't need my mod.

If my mod loads BEFORE the VC, it's useless! If it loads last, it will override the "Time to leave" BHAV on the VC. And in that case townie children leave after 8 PM, UNLESS they've been invited by your own kids to sleep over. It's SUPPOSED to work like that.

I didn't know how playable kids would be handled, but actually, I'm not surprised.

I'll add the following to the description:
"Playable children who have not been invited to sleep over, will be picked up by their parents as usual. If the parent(s) came *with* the children, the whole family leaves, unless they've been invited to stay."

And I'll also include the conflict info, so others know what to expect.

Thanks for reporting this, deerparker.

#6 11-04-2012
Hey BO - Going through my mods and downsizing and trying to rid myself of conflicts I've come across this one:

File Type: BHAV
Procedure Name: Visitor - Time to Leave?
Group ID: 0x7F01EC29
Instance ID: 0x00002241
Packages Containing This Procedure:
\downloads\Global\zzBO\BO - Stay Late.package

Should I be concerned? As far as I can tell both mods are working as intended. Thanks.

#7 11-04-2012
That is one of the most benign conflicts ever, Shane. Worst case scenario, my mod would allow visitors (including the babysitter) to stay around longer, which is actually the point of this mod. As long as it loads after Squinge's (which it does in your game), I can't foresee any problems.


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