I keep going back to this factory and looking at it. I need to make the staircase though. I am lazy. Hence delay Smile

Factory work Screenshot Factory work Screenshot          
#2 06-08-2011
Wow! That looks absolutely great, Lee! It's almost mass production there Wink

#3 06-08-2011
Thanks BO - re mass production. I have tried it with Paladins time clock and OFB mods and I can have various sims working on the machines at once.
Its very cute to see.

I also have a canteen area and changing rooms etc on the floor below and an office on the ground floor.

They sell the robots from crates in the back yard. In my head they are "selling off the back of a truck" and the money is going in the foreman's pocket (he is the owner, but I had to do that to get it to go in his funds).

What is annoying is the PCs in the "office". I want my sims to get paid for working at the PC and it be a job. I can't find a mod for that though. As a result they are real PC's and customers keep using them. Sad

#4 06-08-2011
Yeah, with Paladin's mods, this can indeed be an effective and fast way to make money. And it gets even better as soon as one of your employees can make servos, because then you can slowly replace your employees. Servos need less time off - especially if you have Paladin's Servo Charging Station as well - so they make more actual working hours. The problem, however, would be that they'd become a part of your family, and you don't want 6 toasters in your home.

Yeah, the computer thing is rather sucky. Maybe someone should design some special employee-only PC where they make money for the company. Something like the "give financial advise" interaction Wink


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