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#1 21-04-2010 
I have seen a lot of objects being ported from one game to the other. I like build stuff, so I enlisted some help with textures and our first project is the Dorky Door from TS3 to TS2

Here is the untextured version - unfinished as yet

[Image: Dorkydoor1.jpg]

Sorry for crappy pic - better pics are on their way.

[Image: star.png]

#2 24-04-2010 
I've done some maxis-match woods here, with some glass recolors for a metal rim and 2 different gratings.

[Image: dorkydoors.jpg]

I would have attached it here, but I couldn't figure out how Huh

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#3 24-04-2010 
Hmmm, it could be that I have just failed again in forum permissions - I'm so paranoid about spam the average user can't even post ....

Try using the big post reply button - then you get all the options including upload attachments. However, as I have server space the size of a postage stamp it could be that the attachment was just too big.
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#4 24-04-2010 
I have lots of mediafire space, so the stuff can sit there then Confused

When I press the add attachment button, the window flickers, but nothing looks different.
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#5 24-04-2010 
AHA. was a ZIP. I banned zips. But now they are allowed. So.
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#6 28-04-2010 
Ok, well, I have good news and medium news and a request.....

Good news - I love the wood recolours

Medium news: The recolours you sent me back were for the 0.6 door....version 2.2 is the latest door.

V2.2 = the two sides of the door can be independently recoloured, but the glass not (the glass is repository linked to the base game TS2 windows)

Version.6 = the door takes the same recolour on both sides but we can recolour the glass - choices choices....

Its no big deal to make either version - I can swop the improved mesh into version .6 or we can go for the two different door colours - inside and out.

The door looks GOOD next to the breeze easy windows - so good that I wondered if a matching recolour set could be done? (The windows already matchish the Just a door, which is actually my favourite door..).
I see a little patch of door and frame that is NOT recoloured - see pics/ You can see the little grey line - in the texture map shot you can see that those two little boxes still need recolour on them Smile

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#7 01-05-2010 
Sorry, I missed this reply the last time I was here, because I thought I'd already read it *duh*

I read the file as v6, instead of v.6, so I thought it was later than v2.2. I fixed the recolors for it since we might go for the recolor glass version. I also have the window recolors for you, as well as some justa doors; since you like those a lot, they'll now match too.

I picked up 2.2 and will put textures on it to look at. I like being able to put grating on the glass, and don't usually need two different sides for the door, but could easily agree that many other people might like that option better, so I'm good with whichever way you'd like to go.

When I press the "add attachment" button, am I supposed to get a window to browse for the attachment or something? Because nothing seems to happen... I am probably just missing something here...I am like that sometimes Huh

I'll just throw it up on MediaFire here.
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#8 01-05-2010 
Thats because it was a 2.4 mb file....recolours are heavy duty files. Max attachment size is 1.2. And now I cant get the blasted file OFF mediafire...gahhh Undecided
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#9 01-05-2010 
I reloaded to MF, use this link instead, and I broke it into 3 files. But I don't think that's the upload problem, because how would the site know it's a 2.4 mb file? I don't get any way to tell the site which file to attach.
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#10 01-05-2010 
Fenix, I am totally bewildered. I have the file - I got it from MF.

I have no idea why you cant attach stuff - but I will find out............

Lee grumfles off to see what is going on

OK, well, I gave you a maximum attachment usage - the file goes into the upload attachment php and just gets rejected. Or they vanish off screen, you hit post reply and there they are....

You should see the screens below:

Unless - you are using IE8? Gulp.... cos in IE8 you cant see the browse to file area...... Grumph. Gonna have to remove this multi upload thing if that is so cos that is NOT GOOD. Not good at all.

So I have edited the php - now you have to add them one at once - but less hassle I guess. Now I just have to check I have not broken my uploads system....

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