Over the years I have celebrated many Sim birthdays, but these are from my latest town. The interesting thing is that thanks to Joey DeLuca and Lisa Santander getting married these pics all have a family tie to them now.

If my Sims don't marry townies I try to get my power families together and watch the generations and fortunes grow.

How do you play Huh

Birthday Blowout! Screenshot Birthday Blowout! Screenshot Birthday Blowout! Screenshot Birthday Blowout! Screenshot      
#2 12-08-2011
Awesome pics, I love the way that maxis did all those little details. So cool.

But how do I play? well, I fail pretty badly really. I really wanted a hood and some sims to love, but I am always ending up making a piece of cc. Its a shame, as I often have a test sim with a full and happy life, I just struggle with keeping on top of the hood and sims not dying etc etc. Usually my timelines are horribly twisted and borked.

#3 12-08-2011
Sometimes you just need to set aside some time to play the game even if it's just for an hour or so. I feel your pain though cause lately all I've been doing is creating some type of CC or another. The only reason I have pics to share is that they are already taken and are gathering virtual dust lol.

#4 12-08-2011
Well, I am busy with your latest house Smile I was supposed to be testing Honeywell's incredible new counter corner things (have you seen that BTW? Is awesome) but have redone the color scheme and told myself I DO NOT NEED a centred door. No I do not.


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