#1 25-04-2010 
Hallo all
Sad day today - yesterday night (3am) our house was burgled. They stole my laptop by smashing the window and climbing inside.

All my sims stuff that is wip was on there - luckily I have USB/FTP back ups of most of it, but still. I have dusted off back up pc and will try and use that, but its old and a bit past it. Not looking good for TS3.

Anyway, off to try and find serial numbers and stuff. I'm such a slacker - I didn't write anything down about the laptop. Police man was very disappointed in me.

So, off to install stuff.

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#2 25-04-2010 
Sad Oh noes! I'm soo sorry. A pox on thine burglars! Angry
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#3 25-04-2010 
Oh, Lee, that's horrible! I'm so sorry to hear that this has happened to you! Did they take much else? It's such a violation to know that someone would break in to your house, go through your things and take whatever they wanted Exclamation-There's not really a smilie here for outrage-
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#4 25-04-2010 
Quote:There's not really a smilie here for outrage-

yeah, needs something like:
[Image: angry-smileys-emoticons82.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons92.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons109.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons127.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons42.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons80.gif][Image: angry-smileys-emoticons39.gif]
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#5 25-04-2010 
Thanks Cmo - those Angry Smilies are just right for how I feel. And they took my Apartment Life disc (was in the drive) - my fave EP!
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#6 09-05-2010 
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Oh rubbish, that's bad. I don't know why the evil prats do it, they only get caught -_-
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#7 10-05-2010 
I'm so sorry, Lee! That's absolutely terrible! Sad I hope they catch him and you can get your laptop back!

#8 27-05-2014 
That's horrible news, Lee. So sorry you're having to deal with this. Sad

#9 27-05-2014 
that sucks,Lee.Feels like losing a good friend doesn't it Sad ?I hope you get your lappy other taken stuff back asap.

#10 27-05-2014 

That was in 2010. And it was awful. They stole my stuff and scared my cat. But I have a new computer and stuffs now.

/closes thread. Sorry. Housekeeping not my strong point.


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