Firefail STILL beats Internet Explorer
#1 10-02-2010 
I used Internet Explorer (IE) for years; indeed, if I want to have a quick look on the net while at work I have to use IE - that's the browser on the work computer.

I must admit, I never thought it was that bad; I mean the Internet is just the Internet right? It looks the same wherever you go. Its not like website makers have different websites for different browsers...that would be stupid.

Actually, that IS what a few sites do; or they have to compromise on the good looks of the site to make sure its compatible across all browsers. Of course, IE is the market leader isn't it? So they define the correct way to do things - right? Well, a lot of people have IE on their PC because that's what you get free with a Windows operating system. Its not the BEST browser - its just the first one most people find.

I never really knew (or noticed) that there was anything particularly fail about IE - I guessed it was just hip cats using browsers with cool sounding name - same product, different package. Anyway, I was persuaded to try out Firefox - so I downloaded FireFox and went to browse my favourite sites - and I was amazed - the Internet really did look different.

I have TRIED to keep Leefish looking good in all variants (FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE). The site looks pretty rubbish in IE though. Its the way it is - you can have a nice looking site in a few hours with all browsers EXCEPT IE. Then you can spend another day or so trying to make IE look better. Then giving up, and changing the way you wanted the site to look because IE is being a GIT......In fact - its often the ONLY one of the browsers that does things a different way to the rest; and that means all the rest of the coding has to adapt to IE. Typical Windows product.

Anyway, I really recommend that you get ANOTHER browser. I use Firefox (or Firefail as it is rapidly being renamed by embittered users) and apart from the odd freezeup because I never turn my PC off and have about 50 windows open, its good. You don't have to get FireFox - Chrome is good, as is Opera. Safari is a bit of a naughty one, but is ANGELIC compared to IE.

There are some great features too; spell check, screengrabs, web developer tools to name a few features I use daily.

You can download the latest version of FireFox from the link below:

[Image: title.png]
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