Not every story has a happy ending. When life falls apart.. there is no where to turn to.
Lilium, in terms means "the lily" or "lily". The lyrics to he song are in Latin, and the song is from Elfen Lied.

I'll try explaining this without ruining it's artistic nature.
It's based on depression, and how a natural person would act when experiencing it. This is just another story.
I'll leave the plot to you.. Think about it..

This is the Elfen Lied version of the song, and not the long extended one with the music box. That will be later on, when the true story is revealed.

Made with Sony Vegas Pro 10
Filmed with Fraps by Beepa

#2 22-08-2011
wow, that is really well done - loved the props - the sims expressions - all really well filmed. I am impressed Smile


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