• Star Trek - Sims3 style
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Yea, I know it's an old video, but I thought I would post it anyway. Interesting ears on Spock Smile

#2 23-08-2011
That was awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us, Lee!

#3 23-08-2011
Love it! I guess Spock's human ear genes are dominant in TS3. Wink

#4 23-08-2011
Yes indeed, his human heritage certainly sticks out

#5 23-08-2011
I remember this video and the other parody videos that EA made with the Sims 3 lol.

#6 24-08-2011
Are they ears, or as my grandfather use to say taxi doors? Poor Spock! I have never seen any of these videos, it was fun to watch. Thanks Lee

#7 24-08-2011
Lol indeed - "Ears like the FA Cup" would be the UK version.

I love watching videos too, and I have not given up on maybe one day making some of my own. I am starting small at the moment with comics.


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