Well, with all this posting of pictures I feel like I am turning into Xander Smile I was over on MTS looking at this months "Theme" - which is Apocalypse. I rarely try and go for a grungy look in my game - I think it takes WAY too much CC to do well(PC strain) and I like a Maxis Match look anyway. But I had a go at decorating a bunker type room. I had to stop halfway and make a little side table, and there is a fair bit of CC in here - HL's one tile conversion of an Ikea bed and my own industrial desk (and new bedside table), a random poster and my deco books. See if you can spot the other bits of CC....

Bunker? Screenshot          
#2 24-08-2011
Posting pics is always a good thing lol. Besides it is your site we should be seeing more from you no matter what it is lol.

Let's see, I see the clock, the poster, the desk (maybe) and the piece of paper on the desk.

#3 24-08-2011
Thank you, I love it when people same in game shots. Heart

#4 24-08-2011
The door and the desk light?


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