• "...and a star to steer her by."
  • Creator: NixNivis
I wish this was my mesh, but it isn't - it's from Turbosquid. But turning it into Sim deco is all my doing. Smile

Maybe this requires a bit of an explanation. You see, for my next Sim story, I wanted one of my characters to have a sextant, because... because I wanted her to have a sextant. (A most illogical artefact to have in space, as a Vulcan friend of hers points out. Tongue ) I knew there was absolutely no way I could pull off a complex mesh like that, though - but I lucked out and found a sextant model at Turbosquid that I really liked, and so I set out to make it Sim-appropriate. I resized the mesh about a million times (the original was approx. the same size as a small building), tweaked the groups a bit, and played around with the TXMTs in general and envcubes in particular to make it shiny and/or glassy in the appropriate places. And voilà, a Simified sextant!

Edit: For those who might be interested, the sextant can be found on my blog here. Be aware that the poly count is horrendous, though, more than 6500 (6545, to be exact), so if you're on a slow computer and don't want it to have a nervous breakdown, I strongly recommend that you don't download but limit yourself to looking at the pictures. Smile

"...and a star to steer her by." Screenshot "...and a star to steer her by." Screenshot          
#2 25-08-2011
Very cool and it turned out great, Nix. Smile

I love seeing what you (and everyone else) is up to so I thought I'd delurk and show some appreciation.

#3 25-08-2011
whoa, it does look awesome though- and its a story prop, so its not like it will be living in your game.

@Honeywell - show us your work in process Smile

#4 25-08-2011
Heh. No pics to show yet. I'm still writing the book that'll be my post...that no one is even going to read. Rolleyes


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