Yup, I am gonna have a go at uploading a lot for the apocalypse theme over on MTS.

Its called "The Septic Tank" and the back story is that after the apocalypse my sim escaped the city and found a badly damaged water treatment plant (is SO making this up as she goes along) and saw that the old walkways could make great lookout towers (for zombies and stuff) and so got the rubble and made this bunker.


I hope it gets accepted - I am not a good builder, but I had fun with this.

Septic Tank Screenshot          
#2 26-08-2011
OOOoooo! I love apocalyptic thems, I adore post-apocalytic movies but ones without zombies. (like Kevin Costner's 'The Postman')
I enjoy the innovative ideas like making an old water plant into a residential lot and usage of deco items to lend ambiance to the theme. Dying to see more. LOL

#3 26-08-2011
Damn! That looks good! Incredible!!!

I so stink at making anything but square boxes for my sims to live in... I wish I had half your building talent, Lee, even if you think you have little of that.

#4 26-08-2011
Ooh, very nice building, and I really like the backstory! I'm completely inept at building anything but boxy boxes, so I'm in awe of anybody who can build interesting things. Smile


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