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Call me shallow if you like, but come the Apocalypse if I survive then I shall be looking for a house that is defensible and pretty.

With this requirement in mind I built this lot. It's semi-compliant with the Apocalypse challenge, in that it is a 8 * 8 floorplan, but it's on a 2*1 lot, minimum lot size on the challenge is 3*3. Meh I say.

Currently just under 20k with no furniture. So. My NEXT plan is to build a tiny "waystation" lot. This is a lot to send your founder to when they return from uni. It will be a place to empty their pockets and get the objects they brought back from uni cashed in.

Its also got my first ever successfully CFE'd staircase Smile

EDIT: Now available for download Simton Town Office

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#2 28-08-2011
I'm right there with you on the pretty, lee. Big Grin I really loved the sewer plant...until I saw this one. It's my new favorite, definitely!

#3 28-08-2011
Maxi match apocalypse I see
* levini hates maxis content
Though the home looks good , I would prefer something that looks destroyed because in RL, looters would be in any of the "pretty" houses

#4 28-08-2011
tsk tsk Lev. I have a Maxis Match game - so of course its Maxis Match. Current damage by looters:

- the "damage" on the outside where the brickfest has been covered over by the slabs of concrete.
- some git PINCHED the garage door
- Interior is emptied - down to basics and less
- lots of use of Pixelhates overlays (the BO version at zero cost etc) so we have bulletholes in the walls, rips in paper etc.
- some grafitti on the frontage now....
- some mix and match on the interior - where the exterior wall is concrete slab then the interior is plasterboard - where brick then its the old wallpaper. Interesting effect.....

I think I have it finished - 19966 simoleons with bed, fridge, sofa, chess table, dining table, two patio chairs, a grill, a toilet, a shower, a radio, a bookcase, assorted side tables and work areas and a coleman lamp per floor - and a driveway. No car.

OMG - how do I do it...?

* leefish wonders where Mr "I don't like Maxis Match" 's apocalypse lot pics are hiding....


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