Adding a Texture Image
#1 07-09-2011 
Is there a quick and EASY way to add a texture image (TXTR) to a door or window that has 2 subsets - 2 MMAT’s - 2 TXMT’s but only 1 TXTR?

#2 07-09-2011 
hi Shell - there is a way - its NOT super easy, but its doable. This is assuming that there are two subsets (otherwise why are there two of everything)

You need to edit the TXMT and MMAT so that it correctly references the texture file.

Step 1 . Import the new texture. Do this by cloning the original texture (go to TXTR tab, click on the line with the texture name and press clone)

Step 2. Rename the new txtr - just change the last bit - so if its called lazysod-lee-door.txtr then change JUST the last word - so its lazysod-lee-moredoor.txtr

Step 3. The MMAT has a line you can see called "subset". This MMAT will also reference a TXMT file - just open the properties tab and read down, you will see it. What you need to do is see which TXMT it is referencing and go into the referenced TXMT and change the name of the TXTR it is pointing to.

Step 4. Click on the TXMT you want to change and go to the PROPERTIES tab. Find the referenced TXTR and click on it. Change the name of the referenced TXTR. As ALL you changed was the last word then that is ALL you change in that line.

Step 5 - Click commit, then TOOLS > fix integrity and save.

It should work.
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#3 07-09-2011 
Okay Lee, first when you change the name in Step 1 do you Commit > Okay? Second question can you simplify Step 3, please. I found the 'MMAT subsetName (dtString) =' but I can't find a reference to the TXMT file or a properties tab there.
BTW it does have 2 subsets.
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#4 07-09-2011 
hi Shell

q1 : Yup, hit Okay when it asks you on commit - commit doesnt save anything in the final package - it just changes stuff as you are going along.

q2: actually - ignore all that MMAT gubbins - I was getting the file list bit mixed up - just go straight to the TXMT - find this in the properties tab


Change the name of the texture, commit if it asks you to

Then, in the file list tab (in the TXMT)

Change the name of the texture, commit if it asks you to.

Then onto step 5
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#5 07-09-2011 
There is no stdMatBaseTextureName in the TXMT.
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#6 07-09-2011 
Shell - can you post the object you are trying to fix?
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#7 07-09-2011 
It's actually The Mullionaire Door, I wanted to change the glass to wood panels. I have zipped one of my recolours HERE.
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#8 07-09-2011 
OHHHH - I thought you were looking at a custom object Smile

Yea, there IS no texture file for the glass - its how a lot of these double sided windows/doors are done - what the creators do is they edit the TXMT and MMAT and add a new solid wood color and enable that in the object. Its a default change though, so you may not be too keen on doing that.

I think you need Nix for this - and its NOT that easy. If you want to cheer yourself up a bit - try looking at my Dorky Door - its in the members area - that is another example of TWO subsets and one texture. I think.
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#9 07-09-2011 
I'd be happy to take a look at this - but tomorrow. It's been a long day and I can't think very straight, so any instructions would probably not make much sense. Tongue

Suffice it to say, in a custom object it's quite easy to add a stdBaseTextureName line to the TXMT and also add the texture name the way Lee said, but I'm not quite sure how it would work with a recol. But I'll look into it!

Edit: I know I said "tomorrow", but I have a somewhat obsessive personality when it comes to things like this. You'd never have guessed, right? Wink

But the good news is that it does work with a recol! Big Grin You have to add some lines to the TXMT (compare it to the TXMT for the white part and you'll see which ones) and change few other things, so it's not the easiest thing to do - but it can be done. I can do screenshots tomorrow, if you'd like; right now, I seriously need to get some shut-eye!
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#10 08-09-2011 
Well, I did this the long way around yesterday, but today I realised cheating would be much easier, so I did it that way instead. Wink It still isn't super easy, but it probably looks worse than it is.

Actually, the process is pretty much what Lee said in her first reply, only with a couple more steps, but I'll list all the steps anyway to avoid confusion. Smile

1. Clone the door's texture image (right click -> Clone). Then change the name by adding -glass right before the underscore, so that it's now called dooreuromullion-door-white-[michelle-b-7.9.2011-e31d]-glass_txtr. (You don't have to call it "-glass" if you don't want to, you can call it whatever you fancy, but I prefer to name things so that they make at least a little sense. Wink)

You can keep the white door texture for now if you want, but I recommend you change it to a bright green or something, so that you can easily spot it in game.

2. Go to the TXMTs. Click on the "glass" TXMT, and take down the file name you find under the Properties tab; put it somewhere where you can copy and paste it later, because you'll need it in a moment.

3. Clone the "door_white" TXMT. Now we're getting to the part that will actually put a texture on the glass! Smile

3.1. Change the file name (again under the Properties tab) to the file name that you just copied from the "glass" TXMT. Commit.

3.2. Change the stdMatBaseTextureName line and add -glass (or whatever you used) at the end of the Value field, so that the value is the same name as the name of your glass texture image plus the ##0x1C050000! prefix. Commit.

3.3. Under the cMaterialDefinition tab, change the description to the name of the glass TXMT, but without the _txmt suffix (i.e. dooreuroglasspanel-[michelle-b-7.9.2011-e31d]_glass). Commit.

3.4. And under the File List tab, click on the file name and add -glass to the name (in the field to the right), just as you did with the stdMatBaseTextureName before, so that the file name is the name of your glass texture image plus the ##0x1C050000! prefix. Commit.

4. Delete the old "glass" TXMT (i.e., the one that isn't in italics and doesn't have the same instance number as the "door_white" TXMT): right-click -> Delete. Save to get rid of it (otherwise SimPE will get upset in the next step).

5. Fix Integrity (Tools -> Object Tools -> Fix Integrity).

6. Save again. And you're done! Big Grin

Now if you check the door in game, you should find that the glass part also has a brand new recol. Hopefully, it's the texture image from step 1; if you instead get text on a white background and with a red X over it, then something is wrong somewhere and you'll need to go back to the recol file to make sure you got all the steps.
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