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  • Creator: leefish
Hmm, this is something I always wanted. Do you know that door in Apartment Life? The Not So Secure gate thing? It should always have been a gate (I think) but I was not very good at joints. BUT - finally - I have done it!! (evil cackle). Yay for gates.

It's now a gate - and I am prepping it for upload.

at the moment it is repo-linked to the original AL gate, but I will try and make a base game version as well.

EDIT: added a comparison pic so you can see what I am blabbering on about Smile

Secure your Sims Screenshot Secure your Sims Screenshot          
#2 09-09-2011
Interesting! Impressive! WANT! Heart

But I wonder, dear... wouldn't it work to simply change the Init-BHAV (or maybe the OBJD) so it doesn't work with walls but with fences in stead? That would instantly transform any door into a gate or the other way around, wouldn't it?

#3 09-09-2011
well, if it was just that - yes maybe, I am not sure how the gate animations would go - from what I have seen not too well. But the door version has a frame and some spikes I don't really like (its an edit rather than a direct rip). So its a gate now Smile

#4 09-09-2011
Ah, yes of course! That makes sense. I never saw the second picture until now... go figure Tongue


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