OMG - I am on a roll. I should avoid NPC's more often Big Grin

anyway, in this pic there is ONE piece of cc - see if you can spot it Smile

Spot the CC Screenshot          
#2 09-09-2011
...the front door? (Not the gate - I know that's from... AL? An EP, anyway.) I can't remember seeing a two-tile door like that in-game - but then again, it might be from an SP I don't have.

Love the house! If ignoring NPCs makes you make things like this, then I say keep ignoring them. Wink (Or I would, if I didn't want that object so badly...)

#3 09-09-2011
The Fence? I don't remember seeing this particular fence anywhere in the game Tongue

And I agree with Nix; if this is what ignoring NPCs does to you, makes you all creative, then by all means ignore this particular NPC issue some more! Big Grin

#4 09-09-2011
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I agree with the fence being the CC. Place looks great, when are you putting up on MTS for download.


Sorry, that is a members only option