I actually made the fence as a "bonus" item on MTS - offering a rusty recolor of my Highsmith fence to the first reply - and it was psychosim0 who answered first - one of the people who could have done it better and faster than me...

Oh well - hard times for a once upmarket part of town.

Hard Times Screenshot          
#2 13-09-2011
So yeah Lee ... What about that "I will not make a grungy recolor" ?
* levini teases Lee

#3 13-09-2011
Yeah, Lee, what about that?

* BoilingOil tosses a bucket of cold water on Lev, just to cool him down a little...

#4 13-09-2011
Just cause something is rusty doesn't mean it is grungy! Grungy is rusty and dirty, this looks to clean. Wink

(Sorry guys, but, us girls have to stick together here. Tongue )


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