This is turning out to be a popular trick - first Star Trek, then Contemporary(ish) walnut - and now Medieval.

I am proud to think that my door idea is spanning the sim centuries in this way Blush.

Anyway, Donna has done some great recolors and the mesh and recolors are available over at PlumbobKeep.

Link to the "Curtain Door" >> Curtain Door

Medieval Door Screenshot Medieval Door Screenshot          
#2 16-09-2011
See you've discovered something that is easy to clone and change for multiple scenarios and not only that the community is going to eat it up. You have struck gold friend! Sim Gold! *crazy prospector laugh!*

#3 16-09-2011
* leefish flails and runs to make millions more...NOT. Tongue

#4 16-09-2011
You will go down in Sim (and simmer) history, Lee. Sims of Christmases past, present and future are using your door! Smile


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