Yea yea, I need to make a proper "what I am working on area" - but I am just so busy MAKING things Smile

Anyway - I loved that battered chair in the Sims2Castaway and I have it in my game (not Castaway...). Um yea. ANYWAY, it didn't have a sofa. And I always thought that was a bit of a shame as it is a perfect style for grumpy sims who live in slightly oldfashioned houses.

I was thinking of repoing it to the chair - but that's a bit hard as there are lots of copies of this chair out there. So it's just a perfect match.

Should I upload it?

Old Stuffs Screenshot          
#2 20-09-2011
Will you upload the chair with the sofa?

If so, I would say definitely upload it!

As for a "what am I working on area", if you're like me you are to busy to post in "a what are you working on area" Tongue

#3 20-09-2011
I would upload it . The only thing related to Castaway I have seen other than MATY stuffs is Ja's set which didnt have that chair (but it did have awesome shiftable beds (mmm shifty))

#4 20-09-2011
levini;8872 Wrote:Ja's set
Link please!


Sorry, that is a members only option