• Castaway on Sims3
  • Creator: leefish
AAARRRGGGHHHH .... the Dark Side has me in its evil grip once more. But seriously, I am messing about with TS3 again - its interesting to make objects in TS3 as you DO have to be a better mesher. Every time I had a rash of making TS3 stuff then my TS2 objects were a lot better. This one needs some serious uv mapping work on it.

I might even give Blender a go, but TS2 is NOT forgotten.

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#2 21-09-2011
Mwahahaha... *devilishly rubs hands together

#3 21-09-2011
Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan na ngalad. Tongue (And no, I don't speak more Elvish than that. They do have nice ears, though. Wink )

I'm still totes a Blender n00b (I just had to reinstall v. 2.49 'cause 2.5 was making my head explode), but I think Blender works much better for Sim object making than Milkshape. I mean, just a little thing like being able to extrude edges! Heart So I definitely think you should give it a whirl. Just don't expect it to behave anything like Milkshape command-wise. Smile

#4 22-09-2011
Well, its because my UV mapping sucks. I always have things on the wrong scales for TS3. The squares look fine in milkshape - I put it in game and it just looks urk. Sad


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