Ah the Sims 3; so much potential so many great ideas and yet on many levels it just feels so generic and lifeless to me. I don't play TS3 anymore and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon but I did take some screenshots while I played so might as well share them.

1) "I may not be crazy but I am a wrench-wielding Sim, so it doesn't exactly look good for me either."

2) "Best party ever! Except for the fact that we missed it because we are all trapped down here!"

3) "Even police officers can protest against themselves."

4) "And I thought larva babies were creepy. :0"

Silly Sims 3 Screenshot Silly Sims 3 Screenshot Silly Sims 3 Screenshot Silly Sims 3 Screenshot      
#2 24-09-2011
They are good pics though Smile

What on earth happened to the kid? It looks all - odd. Yea.

#3 25-09-2011

As for the issue with the kid, is there used to be an issue with toddlers and anytime they did a nested action where they were allowed to talk. They would stretch and become all weird looking. A patch may have fixed this as it existed in the base game of TS3.

#4 25-09-2011
Oh I see. Well, that is terrible if its an EA issue. CC causing it is one thing, but that is just bad testing on a shipped product.


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