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  • Creator: leefish
So, this is what I have been up to...making a house after I made some windows for somebody else's house. JUST as I was starting my house someone (who shall remain nameless) said "Why don't you use some other colours and furniture - you always use the same things." So I used things in this house that I NEVER use - and some things that I like so much I always use them - and did NOT use some things that I really do overuse.

More pics coming - there will be a separate upload of the windows.

Flibbering Depths Screenshot Flibbering Depths Screenshot          
#2 25-09-2011
Well, you certainly put my housebuilding skills to shame lol. I want this house lol. Big Grin

#3 26-09-2011
Love the windows, can not wait to see more pic of the house, looks great so far. Heart

#4 26-09-2011
Thanks guys - its taking me a while as I want it to be perfect Smile

I used the mission kitchen cabinets - and now I am making a sideboard to match.


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