Poll: What Is Your Fave Sims 2 EP Theme Song?
The Sims 2
Open For Business
Bon Voyage
Apartment Life
None/Don't Care
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Which Sims 2 Theme Is Your Fave?
#11 03-10-2011 
@Lee. who's B ?

Anyway. I neaely died at the link xander put up . It had the old icons from TS1 up and some fonts used ingame .

#12 03-10-2011 
B is Lee's SO, that's all you need to know!

#13 03-10-2011 
Son ?daughter ? Sister? Dog? Lover? Cat ? Lev wnts to know oh so badly

#14 03-10-2011 
My cat is called Willem. He is orange and white, weighs 6 kilos and will be 10 on the 28th November.
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#15 03-10-2011 
* levini is like, 2000000 times confuzzled now

Ok ... I shouldnt inquire about stuff If I know imma get highly confused

#16 04-10-2011 
Oh you young ones, SO = significant other, as BO said that all you need to know.
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#17 04-10-2011 
Oh I didnt know what SO meant .
anyway . I found the perfect song to use as a loading theme .

#18 04-10-2011 
Yea, S.O. = significant other. I remember when I first came across that phrase - it was in a boarding house in Blackpool. The weather was terrible, we didn't have a lot of money, but, as in most hotels there is always a bookcase of somewhat random books - like book 4 of a five part series, that kind of thing. So I went to get something to read. Significant Others is the title of a book by Armistead Maupin (who I had never heard of) and I picked that one off the shelf as long ago back then I thought that the title made it seem important. It is in fact a gay comedy of manners. You should read them Lev - they are a bit dated but still great fun.
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#19 04-10-2011 
I will hunt them down and read them Lee . I love older books more than the crappy "reccomended " teen reads That everyone and their mothers thinks almost every teenager will love . I'd rather gargle sulfuric acid than to read another stupid vampire fangirl book.

#20 04-10-2011 
Well, I dunno about recommending books and how reliable I am, but I know I enjoyed them - I think I was about 25 or so when I read them, but there is nothing in them that is really unsuitable for a 15 year old lad. Some sex and what not, but I am pretty sure you know what that is by now Smile
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