So, this is what I have been up to - I saw the Von Trapp house on MTS and offered to make some windows (which I have PM'd to the builder) and I got all interested in Arts and Crafts and things in the game. So I made this door - which matches the AL Socialite window set - which is what my latest window set is slaved to.

LIKE - did you know there was a real person called Gustav Stickley and that he made mission style furniture in the Arts and Crafts style? And that there JUST happens to be an end table in the game called "The Mighty Mighty by Gustav Stickler"?

I found quite a few references to famous furniture/pieces that are remarkably like real world examples. Has anyone else seen any items in the game that you recognise a real world reference in?

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#2 02-10-2011
Lovely door . I think I'm gonna ....
* levini fangirl nosebleeds and faints

#3 04-10-2011
I second the "lovely door". Smile I'd love to have a door like that... *hinthint* Wink

I had no idea some of the stuff in game actually were references to RL things and people! In my defence, though, I play my game in Swedish, and... well, let's just say the translations could have been better in some places. (It definitely doesn't look like they were done by somebody that translates for a living or even thinks that it's important to try to be grammatically correct. Confused) Many of the names have been translated, too - Stickler has become Stickling, for example (possibly because the translators didn't know it was a real person, either, and thus made it Swedish-sounding).

But translations or not, it's still very interesting to know! Smile

#4 04-10-2011
Well, I have been working away on this door - I have decided that it shall have separately recolourable inside and outside. So you are stuck with the silvery grey handle, but you DO get to have a different colour wood inside and outside.

It is also compatible with Amythestfenix's awesome painted wood recolours for the socialite set and in fact they work really well on the window style I have chosen. A drop over stone surround for the door is the extra touch - and yes, that recolours as well.

Current status of set:

Windows: one tile only (at the moment - the builder in me says "Make two tiled variants as well")
Privacy window
High small window
Counter-friendly kitchen window
Short fat window (perfect for overhanging roofs)

Doors and arches (see above)
one door
one arch.

Special chopped up curtain for the fat window
Door surround (which also fits on dorm doors with AL installed - is shiftable)
Mission counter match sideboard (currently on hold cos of coffee machine)
De-stupidified mission dining room chair.

One cottage Smile


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