• On a Mission (Part 2)
  • Creator: leefish
Yup, so, I am on an Arts and Crafts binge and of course I started looking at the Mission furniture. This is one of the most complete sets Maxis ever made but people rarely seem to use it - why not?

Well, it's partly that they managed to make it look so UGLY - all the chair cushions are out of scale and since there was already the Oaktowne chair and The Ample King Dining table in the base game they already had some pretty good Mission Style items. So they tweaked it - into the ridiculous, IMO.

So I have tried to tweak it back - here is a preview. So far I have done the Chairs and Dining Table and I will be looking at the sofa and chair next. There is some nice furniture hiding under that fug.

On a Mission (Part 2) Screenshot On a Mission (Part 2) Screenshot On a Mission (Part 2) Screenshot        
#2 08-10-2011
Love the table and your chair looks way better than the Maxis one.

#3 08-10-2011
Thanks Shell - as mine is a default replacement (an override so no custom star) it is hard to take a pic of the two side by side. The chair pics are to show how I have edited the TXMT to get rid of the shine - shown without light in the room and then with light.

#4 08-10-2011
Wow lovely . All recolors will still work for this right? Or did you remap it ?


Sorry, that is a members only option