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*With its space saving design and timeless style the Haffa Crib is a beautiful addition to any nursery. For the complete look don't forget "The Other Haffa" Changing Table.

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General/Child - $400 each

Base Game Compatible

Space Saver - Crib and changing table combo only take up two tiles instead of the normal four. You would need four tiles for the Jack & Jill setup pictured though (2 cribs and 1 changing table) since the crib by itself is larger than 1 tile.

Changing table is updated for the nanny to use if you have AL.

*I pretty much just copied the desc. text from the site because I'm sick with a cold and don't care, but I just had to share this wonderful find. Can't wait to see it in my game!
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All my stuff if free to use and to enjoy just never,ever,EVER upload it to a paysite. Why make poor unsuspecting people pay for stuff like this? You are also free to change, edit or otherwise modify stuff I upload as long as you credit me we are 5x5. :D

Also if you got it from Leefish please link back to that site so more people can discover the awesome. That is all. :D

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#13 27-10-2011
NixNivis;9374 Wrote:I don't know if you've seen it already, but this just got featured on MTS. Way to go, Honeywell! Big Grin

Yup, it is well deserved. Honeywell has just been getting better and better and this is one of her best sets so far.

#14 04-10-2018
this is probably my current favorite nursery. Thanks for putting it up here -- and yes, I realize it was ages ago, but I was away from Sims for a while and am now back, trying to refill my downloads folder. Deb


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