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Well, I was at a loss for inspiration and lurking around sims sites when I came across a WCIF thread about a retro bookshelf. It was simple enough so I figured I'd make it. It's functional and has 12 slots with 3 patterns. Costs $500 and, 158 polys.

Made with s3pe and Blender.
x 13

Please contact cmo.

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#5 14-10-2011
Very nice! Yup, it definitely looks like part of a set to me. Wink

Now, if only somebody could convert this to TS2... *coughcough* (And if nobody else feels like it, I'd be happy to volunteer. Smile )

#6 14-10-2011
Problem is, I did this from a pic. So I would need pics of the stuff that would go with it(I hardly ever mesh something with no reference). I was already receiving request for a TS2 version, so if you or somebody(glances at Leefish, unsubtly) wants to do it, feel free.

#7 14-10-2011
I think Nix will do a good job of it.

#8 14-10-2011
Also, I had a look about - the foot (and the desk style in wood) is actually a dead ringer for the Castaway office desk. Coffee table would be interesting, as would the chair for the desk. It looks like a 1960's model.


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