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Well, I was at a loss for inspiration and lurking around sims sites when I came across a WCIF thread about a retro bookshelf. It was simple enough so I figured I'd make it. It's functional and has 12 slots with 3 patterns. Costs $500 and, 158 polys.

Made with s3pe and Blender.
x 13

Please contact cmo.

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#13 14-10-2011
I have 2.5 installed, so the .blend file works fine. (I must admit I still know my way much better around 2.49, but it's not as if I have to mesh anything from scratch here, so I should be good. Smile )

#14 15-10-2011
I'll just give you the obj to keep confusion down. Smile I put the multiplier in there too.

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#15 15-10-2011
Great!! Thanks! Big Grin

Stay tuned, as they say...

#16 15-10-2011
and I have removed the file Smile


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