Sims 2 In-Game Font Style Modifcation
#1 16-10-2011 
While looking for more ways to alter the UI in the game I came across this particular file from the base game.

D:\Applications\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\UI\Fonts\FontStyle Properties.ini
(FYI: I set up my game so it runs off my other hard drive instead of the default C Drive, but just do into the TSData folder of where your default installation is located to see what I mean.)

In the file it lists how the different styles can be changed and how to write them, but no matter what I do the in game style does not change. I am stumped and I just would like to know if it is possible to alter the ingame text at all or if that feature just isn't able to be altered.

Interestingly enough the same type of file exists in University as well but any other EP after that doesn't feature the file anymore.

Thank you! Big Grin

#2 17-10-2011 
Right, I have been thinking about this. I had a look at the fonts listed and they are not standard font files - they are file extension xmf. I also see there is a GUID in there so in theory the text is referenced by the GUID.

What have you actually tried to do? Like what steps have you taken to change the font?
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#3 17-10-2011 
Hey Lee,

So far I have only tried to stylize the font, not change the fonts that are used, I rather like the Sims 2 fonts.

For instance:
BodyText = "ITC Benguiat Gothic", "11", "bold|aa=bg | Color=75,75,75", 0x085f0560

I tried to make the font size bigger and also tried to change the colour of the font and get rid of the bold. The colour I picked was just so I could see if I noticed any change. Same goes for the bigger font size.

BodyText = "ITC Benguiat Gothic", "18", "regular|aa=bg | Color=125,25,25", 0x085f0560

Quote:This file is composed of multiple lines, each of which describes font specification. The format of each line is this:
; <style name> = <font face name list>, <size>, <style parameters separated by |>, <GUID>
; A complicated example is this:
; NewsBody = "Arta, Arial", "14", "Bold | Italic | LineSpacing=2 | aa=bg | underline", 0xeadd276d
; The above states that we have a font style called "NewsBody" which uses the face
; Arta but falls back to Arial if Arta isn't available, is size 14, and is bold, italic,
; has a line spacing of 2, is antialiased to the background and is underlined and has
; been assigned the arbitrary GUID of 0xeadd276d.

It gives a fairly clear explanation of how to accomplish this yet when I save and load the game, nothing changes. I backed up my original file just in case.
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#4 20-10-2011 
So... nobody has anything yet eh? It's getting close to falling off the front page and I don't have any more ideas on my end either. Perhaps it just cannot be altered.
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#5 20-10-2011 
Well, I did have a look at it and I was baffled. In theory what you did was right - but nothing happened. I think it can't be changed.
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#6 20-10-2011 
I think that they may have moved the relevant stuff to some inaccessible location somewhere after UNI. EAxians like to do that.

#7 20-10-2011 
You are probably right BO, silly EAmaxians lol
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