Slaving to a custom object
#1 24-10-2011 
Okay so here's my problem, HeartDeco made the breadfruit tree recolourable for me. I've done several recolours but decided it needed some resizes as well. I know how to slave to a Maxis object; however, I've never slaved to a custom object. I searched for a tutorial, they are all slaved to a Maxis object, any help and advice on this will be much appreciated.

#2 24-10-2011 
Hmm, I hear a hint for a tutorial, but right now the quick answer is that in the SHPE and GMND you need to reference the custom item materials using its custom prefix - see a couple of screenshots

SHPE = link to the custom item TXMT

GMND (tsMaterialsMeshName) = link to the custom item cres

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#3 24-10-2011 
Jwoods's tutorial deals with custom objects.


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