What One Thing From Real Life Do You Wish Was In A Sims Game?
#1 30-10-2011 
While I sit here contemplating whether or not I want to re-install the Sims 2 all over again (long story, but I probably will be doing it lol) it occured to me that even in the Sims 3 we can't vaccum or dust as part of our cleaning routine. I don't know why, but I have always wanted to vaccum in the Sims 2. I'd even settle for mopping the floor. Something to give that cleaning skill some extra purpose.

What about you fine Simmers? Is there any one thing you wish you could do in the Sims 2 or 3? Sleepy

#2 30-10-2011 
I think its the same for me too - I would like my sims to do more real life mundane things - I would like my sims to:

* Be able to iron their clothes
* To be able to boil a kettle and make some tea
* To go shopping with a trolley and put things in the trolley - even to shop to a recipe a la Sims3 but in a real lot like in Sims2

EDIT: Realises has demanded 3 things - my number one is the tea Smile
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#3 30-10-2011 
I would like to have clothes and tables actually get visibly dirty. Sims would have to be able to clean the tables, and they would need a washer & dryer to do the laundry (unless you have them toil over a tub of hot water and soap to do it by hand, like our great grandmothers were used to doing it)

When a sim pisses himself (it happens in my game), it wouldn't be enough for him to take a shower, if he subsequently commences to walk around in the soiled pants.

#4 30-10-2011 
I agree with BO on the tables . It is so weird how when a sloppy sim or a child eats , the food goes flying but the table maintains it's perfect finish.

I would also like:
- sims to actually get wet. As in dripping water . It annoys me that when my sim swims they do not come out dripping wet
- sims to get bedhead . I dont understand the change hairstyle thing if there isnt a real reason to change it .
- the ability to have doors in close quarters . I would love to be able to build my house but the whole doors not being in the same tile area really annoys me .
- the ability to rent out houses. I would like my sims to have more than one home and it would have put use to the real estate office in Bluewater village
- sims being able to hide stuff in their homes. I hide some of my stuff in a room , so why cant my sims.

I think there is more but thats all I am thinking of

#5 30-10-2011 
Yeah, Lev reminds me of something else:

Sims should be able to open cupboards and drawers, and put stuff in them, or take them out. And outsiders, such as visitors, should then NOT be able to get those objects and/or use them.

And what's up with the juggling thing? There are several coffee makers, but all the sims ever do, when such a device is available, is juggling cups or mugs. They should friggin' GET SOME COFFEE ALREADY!

If you visit a friend's house, do you really run into their kitchen to go play with their fridge door and juggle with their coffee mugs?

#6 31-10-2011 
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who likes mundane actions lol.

I know that whenever I visit my friends the first thing I want to do is grab a bag of chips out of their fridge and when I am done eating it I simply place it on the floor. I also, like everyone else in my world, can juggle perfectly 100% of the time.

What? It fills my Fun meter, sigh lol. Tongue
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#7 31-10-2011 
lol Xander

hmm, the other thing that bugs me is how much space sims need. LIKE

One side of my bed is against the wall - its a double bed. How cool would it have been to have had a double bed that when it is placed against the wall the sim would crawl across and get under the covers. I know Inge has a hack, but I want my anims.

Same for stairs. I don't want my wallpaint to be all squidged with a CFe'd switchback staircase - I want a switchback staircase with animations.
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#8 31-10-2011 
I would BO. But then again, me amd my friends usually do psycho stuff.

I actually would love to have and see sims to actually do their hair . Basically I would like to pick a hairstyle and my sim does it but certain styles would be locked off if said sim was missing certain styling tools (and they would have to go to the stores and buy it . But by default, a sim would have a comb , brush , hairbands and gel and some basic styles . Now that would make creating more worth it and would somewhat force quality )

#9 31-10-2011 
Two everyday things that TS1 had, that I wish they'd kept for TS2, was that you had to water your indoor plants and light bulbs sometimes broke and had to be replaced. (Of course, in some houses the light bulbs went out all the time, which drove me nuts, and I was about as good at watering my Sims' plants as I am with my real ones. Let's put it this way, there's a reason I only have cacti and succulents. Tongue ) At the time, I found it annoying, but it added a little sense of realism.

And Lee, I agree with you 100% about the double beds! I mean, not even Sim pets can get to the side that's against the wall, and that's just plain silly. My RL bed is against the wall, too, and I can assure you that Signe the Mini Schnauzer has no problems walking over around her human if she wants to get to the wall-side thinks I'm in the way. Rolleyes
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#10 31-10-2011 
I agree with Lee and Nix as well about the bed against the wall, me bed is against the wall and both me and my cat can get to whatever side they want.

I know I originally said one thing but that was just to get the ball rolling. Ah TS1 I remember the lightbulbs lol.

Does anyone remember in TS2:OFB there was the Real Estate Office building in Bluewater Village? I think it would have been awesome to be able to buy a house and sell a house. Like if you were moving out you could buy a for sale sign and if someone who had enough money walked by there could be a chance that person or family could end up buying your house. A moving truck would pull up and then you'd slowly being putting in boxes as your stuff is slowly disappearing from the house. When the moving truck was all filled up then it would drive away/loading screen and bam! New house.

Man that would be awesome! Big Grin
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