Buying from another sim's inventory
#1 06-11-2011 
would it be possible to make a mod for sims to buy stuff from another sim's inventory? Basically I'm thinking about using the "give gift" animation (without any relationship pre-condition or relationship change). The buyer clicks on the seller, the goods are transferred from one inventory to another, and the price (either the "expensive" shop price or simply the catalogue price) is transferred the other way.

This way I could get produce to my sims who don't turn up at my farmer sim's home business.
Thank you for considering.

#2 06-11-2011 
That *does* sound do-able, doesn't it? The buyer (active sim) clicks the seller (sim from other household with goods to sell), then game opens the seller's inventory and you can start transferring stuff... Sound too easy. But this doesn't exist yet, so maybe it's not as simple as it sounds...

I'll try my hardest to see if I can find any reason why this shouldn't work. Problem: how do we distinguish a seller from any other type of sim? Ok, that doesn't work!

Haha, kidding... I'll see what I can do to make this work, but we *do* need a special method to decide who's a seller and who's not.

#3 06-11-2011 
Why would we need a special method? It will be a non-autonomous action anyway, so the player will simply click on any sim that the active sim wants to buy from. And that's all. Any sim in the 'hood can be a seller or a buyer, there's nothing special about either.
If you want to go fancy, making it possible to set the price level in-game would be very useful. But I'd be glad without that as well.

#4 06-11-2011 
Hmm I am very interested in this idea. When did gifting come into the game anyways because I am almost sure (almost) that it wasn't a base game feature.

Also just to throw it out there in pets if you have a pet in your household anytime you click on another Sim you can always have the option to sell the pet. Maybe even give it away. Maybe something in that feature could be of use or maybe I'm just crazy and should stick to recolours lol.
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#5 06-11-2011 
Gwenke;9461 Wrote:Why would we need a special method?

The point is: you really do NOT need the pie menu to be bloated with options that make no sense. If a sim doesn't produce anything that's usually meant for sale, then there's no point in buying whatever they may have.

I mean: a lot of townies walk around with nothing at all, or with only that ReNuYu potion. Would you really want to be able to buy from all of them, clicking buy, and then finding an empty screen or only that stupid drink? No, really, believe me, it needs to make sense, so the buy option is only available when it's useful.

But first, I need to find out if I can make a mod access that inventory... Smile

#6 06-11-2011 
I see what you mean, but figuring out what's "usually meant for sale" in everyone's game might be more trouble than it's worth.
Unless you mean something like "have anything more than a ReNuYug potion in their inventory".
I'm glad you find the base idea interesting, anyway, and I'm sure something good will come of it Smile
I would think gift-giving was introduced with Seasons, but I'm not 100% sure.

#7 07-11-2011 
Yeah, the idea is certainly worth investigating. I'll see what the possibilities are.

#8 07-11-2011 
Fantastic, I await your research results BO. Smile
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#9 27-03-2012 
BO, I hope you did not find the reason why it will not work? Smile

#10 27-03-2012 
Well, actually... I have several other things still on my list that would need access to the inventory, and I have YET to find a way to do that.

It's not as easy as I first thought it would be. But I haven't given up, yet, Gwenke. Faith and patience are key words here.


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