• Barn Door Without Horse Decal
  • Creator: leefish
I was playing about in the Pets EP and saw this door - its not a bad door really - its just the HUGE horse sticker that spoiled it. So I removed it.

It is an OBJD edit with some image files (the decal shadow was painted on the multiplier and specular so I added replacements for those). Any other OBJD edits of this door will cause conflicts.
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Barn Door Without Horse Decal Screenshot Barn Door Without Horse Decal Screenshot          
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#2 08-11-2011
yay, bye bye stupid horsie! *grabs*

#3 10-11-2011
I saw someone ask for a version without the horseshoe - as I don't often visit finds sites it is probably best to ask here, but I saw this remark.

Anyway, the HORSESHOE - is in the mesh. So then its a full edit of mesh etc, and I LIKE the horseshoe.

#4 12-11-2011
It was "not a bad door" and now it is better. Smile


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