I have been playing about in Sims3 - here is a shack I made.

Things I miss from TS2 >>
  • Overhead view
  • being able to go into camera mode quickly and easily (yes, I know we can use the build mode and select terrain but it just is not the same)
  • NOT having a white edge around my floor tiles on the outside edge of a foundation.

I have to say, the color wheel is the best thing since sliced bread Smile That world in the background is not mine, it's a friends world. That is why I made the shack. It's for one sim (a couple max) and is on a 10 by 15 lot.

Simple Shack Screenshot          
#2 08-11-2011
Awww, what a cute little shack. Smile I wouldn't mind living there myself!

(And why couldn't they make the Sims in TS3 look as nice and life-like as their surroundings can be?)

#3 08-11-2011
Its actually a surprisingly expensive shack - due to the bathroom fittings. Why is it that all the old looking bathroom stuff costs a MINT in sims?

#4 08-11-2011
Nearly tempts me to give Sims 3 another go, great walls cute little shack even if it is a little expensive. Wish I could get some of those Sims 3 plants in Sims 2.


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